Prohealth Care More Land Surgery CenterProhealth Care More Land Surgery Center
Prohealth Care More Land Surgery Center
Prohealth Care More Land Surgery CenterProhealth Care More Land Surgery Center

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Suffering from Pain due to Kidney Stones

Are your patients struggling to have their kidney stones managed? The Stone Center provides prompt and efficient evaluation within 24 hours.

Introducing the Stone Center

Advanced Technology, Leading-edge Treatment Protocols

The ProHealth Care Moreland Surgery Center is now home to one of the most advanced Stone Centers in Wisconsin for the treatment and prevention of kidney stones. The Stone Center, a partnership between ProHealth Care Moreland Surgery Center and Urology Associates, fills a vital medical need for Waukesha and the surrounding area.

Specialized treatment for better outcomes

Specialists at the Stone Center diagnose and treat even the most complex kidney stones. Our experts provide personalized care and tailor treatments to suit individual patient needs. We use the latest proven therapy and best equipment available in order to optimize patient outcomes.

Convenient hours, fast treatment for patients

The Stone Center is open Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m to 5 p.m. Specialists will evaluate patients routinely within 24 business hours and establish an appropriate treatment plan. Many procedures can be performed right at the Stone Center to maximize patient comfort, privacy and convenience. The Stone Center provides service by appointment only.

High-tech lithotripter on site for minimally invasive treatment

The Stone Center is one of the only Surgery Centers in Southeast Wisconsin to have a dedicated, lithotripter on site. Our Lithotron Lithotripter is regarded as the most effective machine for treating stones in a minimally invasive fashion.

Referral information

To refer to a specialist at the Stone Center, please have patients call (262) 649-1408.

Insurance information

The Stone Center accepts most major health insurance plans, including Medicare. Please call in advance to schedule an appointment and to verify insurance coverage.

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