Burning Eyes

What are burning eyes?

A burning sensation in the eye is often due to an underlying eye condition such as dry eye, blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid) or pink eye (conjunctivitis).

What causes burning eyes?

Burning eyes may be caused due to various other factors such as environmental factors (dust, smoke, exposure to the sun and hair spray), allergic agents (fragrances, pet dander, pollen and mound), age, bright lights, using contact lenses and certain medications.

What are the symptoms?

Burning eyes can be associated with other symptoms such as watering of the eyes, redness, discharge, itching and pain.

How is burning eyes diagnosed?

Your doctor diagnoses the cause of the burning sensation with tests such as the slit lamp test, eyelid examination, assessment of eye movement, reaction of your pupil to light and examination of the visual field (total area that your eye can visualize).


What are the treatment options for burning eyes?

Burning eyes can usually be successfully treated with medicated eye drops. If the burning sensation is due to environmental factors, changing your environment can help improve the symptoms. Applying cool compresses to the eyelids can also help to reduce the burning sensation.

How can burning eyes be prevented?

Burning eyes can often be prevented by avoiding problem environments with high allergens, protecting your eyes with sunglasses, eating healthy and nutritious food, and keeping track of any underlying medical conditions.