Why do I have to remove my dentures?

Your dentures are removed to prevent them from being damaged or slipping out of place while your jaw is relaxed under general anesthesia.

Why do I have to remove my jewelry, glasses and hairpins?

This request is made for your safety due to risk of electrical burn, as well as to prevent loss of items.

Why am I asked about capped or loose teeth?

The anesthesiologist needs to be aware of capped or loose teeth to help plan your anesthesia care.

Why am I asked not to wear makeup?

The natural color of your skin and nail beds is an indication to the surgery team of how your body is functioning.

Why am I asked about allergies so frequently?

All members of the surgery team need to be aware of any allergies to assure your safety. As a result, such important information is verified more than once.

Why can’t I eat or drink before surgery?

It is for your protection and safety. During and after surgery, there is a possibility of vomiting. An empty stomach will help reduce such possibilities.

Will my surgery start "on time?"

Every attempt is made to start surgery as scheduled. If delays occur, you will be informed. If surgery times are moved ahead, you will be contacted to come in earlier to the surgery center.

Why is the operating room is kept so cold

The operating room is kept cool to help decrease bacterial growth. You will be given warm blankets.

Why do you ask me what kind of surgery I’m having? Don’t you know?

It is necessary to verify the surgical procedure with you so the surgery team is assured that you understand exactly what you are having done.

What if I decide NOT to have surgery?

Occasionally, patients decide not to have surgery or wonder if surgery is still necessary. Contact your doctor’s office to discuss your concerns as soon as possible.

Why can’t I shave near my surgical site?

Any small cuts or nicks near your surgical site may increase your risk for infection.