Lid Tear Repair

The eyelid is a thin protective fold of skin which covers our eyes. An eyelid tear is an injury or skin cut which may be superficial or deep. The eyelid tear may occur through any blunt or penetrating objects which can cause facial trauma. The symptoms of an eyelid tear are pain in the eyelid, swelling, bleeding and impaired vision. Your doctor will recommend treatment for the eyelid tear based on the severity of your condition.

A mild lid tear may not require any suture if it is very small. The tissue growth during the process of wound healing is good enough to rectify the problem. If the injury is moderate, uncomplicated and on the eye lid margin then the ophthalmologist may recommend sutures at the strategic points to facilitate healing.

If the injury is complicated and deep (involving tarsal plate i.e., thick connective tissue found in eye lid) then plastic surgery might be recommended by the surgeon. It is preferred that repair of eyelid lacerations are done within 12 hours of injury to prevent infection and further complications.

If the injury has occurred in the medial position of the canthus (corner of eye where upper and lower eyelids meet), then canalicular (tear duct) injury is suspected. In this case surgery is required to reconnect the damaged ends and restore function to the lacrimal system. A medial canthal tendon repair may also be necessary for restoration of lid function and appearance.