Midface Lift

Aging can cause sagging of your cheeks, making you appear older and tired. A mid-face lift is a surgery which helps to overcome this loose skin, lifting your cheeks and providing fullness to your eyes and face. 

The mid-face lift surgery takes about 20 to 30 minutes and is performed under general anesthesia or sedation.  During the surgery, small incisions are made on your temple (along the hairline) and cheeks. The fat pads are then repositioned to reduce the lines around your mouth and nose and lift the sagging skin. The incisions are then closed with the help of sutures. Immediate results can be seen after the surgery. Your cheek pads may seem “overcorrected” at first but will settle into its natural position with healing and time.

You can normally return to your regular activities a week after the surgery.

Like all surgical procedures, mid-face lift may be associated with a few complications such as swelling, bruising, numbness in the face, infection and loss of hair at the site of incision.