Nipple Reduction

What is nipple reduction?

Nipple reduction is a surgery to decrease the size of the nipples. It can be performed in both men and women, usually along with other cosmetic corrections such as breast augmentations, breast lift and areola reduction.

What are the indications of nipple reduction?

Nipple reduction is considered for large, long or droopy nipples that could be a source of embarrassment.

How is nipple reduction performed?

The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis under local or general anesthesia. Your surgeon makes several small incisions and removes excess tissue of the nipple. Sometimes the skin from around the nipple neck is removed, pushing the outer portion back and securing it with stiches.

What happens during recovery?

You will be able to return home on the day of the surgery. You may experience bruising or soreness, which will soon subside. Medication to relieve any pain is usually prescribed. It is important to keep your dressing clean and dry. Follow up visits are important as your surgeon will monitor your progress and ensure you are healing.

What are the risks of nipple reduction?

As with any surgery, nipple reduction may involve certain risks and complications which include infection, loss of sensation and scarring.

What are the outcomes of nipple reduction?

Nipple reduction results in visibly smaller nipples. It does not affect sensation and the ability to breastfeed.