Ear Piercing Using Sterile Technique

Ears may be pierced for both aesthetic, and cultural or religious purposes, and is often done at a young age.

There are many different techniques for piercing ears, and using a sterile technique is always recommended to prevent any complications. Ear piercing should be performed only by an experienced technician, doctor or nurse. Before piercing, alcohol or another disinfectant is applied to the area to reduce the chance of infection. Piercing is done either with the help of ear–piercing guns or a needle. Your first earring should preferably be a gold-post earing, as it is less likely to cause infections and allergic reactions. After the earring is in place, the piercing professional will tell you how to take care of your new pierced ears.

As with any procedure, ear-piercing may involve certain risks and complications which include infection, pain, split earlobes, allergic reaction, and scarring.